Elementary Magnets

Cockrell Hill Linguistics Magnet Academy 

As a Linguistic Magnet Academy, students acquire an understanding of the world's people, places, and problems. Our students will learn to become knowledgeable and active citizens of our global society. Studying various languages can also improve overall school performance, higher problem-solving skills, and increased scores on standardized tests. 

Frank D. Moates Blended Learning Magnet Academy

The 2016-17 school year welcomes the transformation of Frank D. Moates Elementary into the Moates Blended Learning Magnet Academy. Participating students (grades 2-5) will experience a station-rotation model in math and reading classes, as well as small group and online instruction with a prescriptive curriculum, and project-based learning (PBL) activities. Teachers will use a learning management system (LMS) to deliver student-centered instruction daily in the classroom and accessible at home. 

Northside Business and Law Magnet Academy  

Northside Elementary, the Business & Law Magnet Academy will offer students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship through incorporating various elements of business into classroom curriculum. Students will experience business operations from employee, accounting (bookkeeping), as well as managerial levels. Students will advance to middle school with a thorough understanding of business operations and terminology motivating them to continue personal business endeavors in the future. The Business & Law Magnet will prepare students to compete academically in global markets and a 21 st Century economy.

Ruby Young Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy 

The Ruby Young Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy gives students the opportunity to study different forms of clean energy (solar, wind, hydro), soil and insects that play a vital role in the life cycle of plants, and the habitat and nutrition of small animals. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the garden club where they will learn the process of planting, pruning and harvesting various crops and plant life.

The Meadows STEAM Magnet Academy

We would love to welcome you to The Meadows Elementary, A Five-Star Educational Experience. For the upcoming school year, The Meadows Elementary will offer STEAM allowing our Five-Star students to choose their educational track. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students will also participate in hands-on learning activities through project-based learning. Learning will be student-led and facilitated by highly qualified educators.

Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy 

The Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy gives students a chance to experience an array of artistic programs. The study of the arts can significantly boost student achievement, behavior and prepare students for college and careers. Students will have the opportunity to participate in art, piano, strings, dance, and theatre arts.