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Why are 21st Century Skills Important?

Employers are no longer looking at just the "content literacy" of their employees and perspective employees.  More and more employers are looking for more applied skills called "soft skills". 
We are committed to ensuring that all of our students have the knowledge and applied skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century. It is for this reason, the "soft skills" are an integral part of learning and integrated into student projects and grades.

What is iSTEAM3D?

The iSTEAM3D academies are the magnet programs of the DeSoto Independent School District that focus on creativity, innovation, and design. They capitalize on artistic learning in a unique instructional setting called, Project Based Learning. The iSTEAM3D academies prepare students for engaging programs of study, each of which provides a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the 21st Century.

Arts Definition
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
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 Arts Integration connects the arts with 

      Teachers are empowered to connect the arts to the core content. The use of the arts  strengthen students’ thinking in all subjects. It focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making, which meets the needs of 21st century employment. 
Research shows that teaching the content infused with the arts impacts student learning. In iSTEAM3D, the arts are woven into TEKS objectives. 

Research supports art integration:
      *Boosts literacy/English Language Arts skills and Math achievement.
      *Engages and motivates students in the classroom to learn.
      *Improves school culture and meets the needs of diverse learners.
 and demonstrates cross-cultural understanding.
      *Builds creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

Arts Integration in Action!