Leadership & Support

The ECHS Advisory Council includes representatives from Cedar Valley College (CVC), DeSoto ISD, community members, parents, and students. To facilitate effective communication, evaluate instructional and programmatic activities, identify issues and challenges, make recommendations, and align with the MOU, the council meets on a biannual basis or as needed. 

Members include the DeSoto ISD Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services, Director of Magnet and Innovative Programs, Director of College Readiness, Director of Counseling, DHS Principal, Collegiate Academies Principal, Collegiate Academies Dean, and Collegiate Academies Counselors. Members from CVC include the Vice President of Instruction, applicable deans and department chairs, and Dual Credit staff. Parent representatives, student representatives, and community members are agreed upon by DeSoto ISD and CVC.

The ECHS Advisory Council will conduct an annual review of the MOU for the purpose of program evaluation and recommendation of proposed changes based on ECHS program needs.

Specifically, the council will meet in order to:

-Develop and implement academic and professional policy as related to the ECHS program.
-Develop and implement budgets and financial policy as related to the ECHS program.
-Supervise annual evaluation and effectiveness of the ECHS program.
-Ensure adherence to applicable laws that affect the safety and wellbeing of students enrolled in the ECHS program.
-Review the MOU, articulation agreements, and suggest revisions on an annual basis or as needed.

The ECHS collaborative committee will be established and chaired by the Collegiate Academies Dean. The committee will meet every six weeks to review ECHS program progress, discuss implementation of issues, and make recommendations to policies, practices, and procedures. The committee will consist of the CVC Dual Credit Director, DHS Principal, Collegiate Academies Principal, Dean, and Counselors.