QZAB Funding and Projects

Qualified Zone Academy Bonds – allow certain qualified schools to borrow at nominal interest rates for specific costs.

How did we qualify?

  • At least 35% free/reduced lunch – we are over 70%
  • 10% Matching Partner – we are partnered with the National Education Foundation
  • Qualifying Projects 

How much did we qualify for?

  • We were approved for $9.59M based on qualifying projects estimated costs.

Why is DeSoto ISD seeking QZAB funding?

  • Qualified Zone Academy Bonds – Government debt instrument for certain qualified schools to borrow at nominal interest rates for specific costs; the QZAB program helps school districts save money and make their dollars go further.
  • We have facility renovation, technology and curriculum needs plus teacher training needs beyond our current budget allocations. Many of these are foundation-type, one-time costs – non-recurring such as salaries. QZAB allows us to borrow at a nominal interest rate to pay for these needs now before the costs for replacement later get out of hand.
  • QZAB is a finite amount of money ($9.5M), specifically tagged for renovations, technology & equipment, energy efficiency and teacher training; that must be spent in three years.
  • Our students deserve more now – not once legislation makes a funding change or voters approve a TRE.

What will the funds be used for?

Funds can only be used for:

  • Renovations
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Technology and Equipment
  • Curriculum (STEM Academies)
  • Teacher Training / Professional Development 


What is QZAB?



DeSoto SID QZAB Scope of Work