DeSoto ISD Invites the Community to the One DeSoto March

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
This afternoon, a jury of twelve citizens deliberated over the verdict of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s role in the death of George Floyd.

As a father, an educator, and a member of this community, I am saddened, angry, frustrated even, that we find ourselves in a place and space in which we were all tensely awaiting this verdict.

What happened to George Floyd punctuated the heightened protests of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer. It catalyzed an outcry for social justice, equity in the rights of American citizens and the safety of certain demographics in cities across the world.

Floyd’s death reopened the conversation regarding race relations in America and is a moment where we all, regardless of race, were forced to look deep within.

This afternoon, the verdict was issued. 

As many cities and municipalities braced for responses to today’s verdict, I encourage us to connect with our friends, families, neighbors and colleagues to exercise empathy and kindness. Let this verdict not be one that further divides us, but one that brings us together to heal, reconcile, understand and amend.

I encourage us all to dig deep into our hearts to respond in a manner that further magnifies our humanity and does not reduce us in this aspect of our existence.

In this, I am not dismissing the responses on either side of this verdict. I encourage you to feel what you feel and to process those emotions and responses.

While this verdict is progress, there is so much work to be done on all sides. Let’s all do our part to continue to make this world a better, safer, more inclusive place where our differences are the human qualities that unite us.

Wednesday, April 21, our city will host a march starting at Disciple Central Community Church which will end at the City of DeSoto Police Department. This is a safe space for us, as a community, to peacefully process this moment in our nation’s history — to reflect, reconcile and resolve to be better together.