Staffing Changes

The district’s current financial state will require difficult decisions that will impact how we educate students and serve families. Part of that effort will include streamlining the district’s workforce at both the central staff and campus level. 

Currently, the district is overstaffed and this work will allow the district to right size staffing. The impact will be based on areas recommended which were approved by the Board of Trustees as presented by district leadership at the April 15, 2019, Special Called Board Meeting. The districtwide decrease in staff will require the identification and reassignment of members of the workforce as based on the aforementioned programmatic changes in the district. The reassignments will be based on teacher and staff performance and district need.

District leadership will adhere to policy when re-assigning staff with consideration for teacher and staff member certification, special training, skills and qualifications. In addition, the district will consider evaluations as outlined in DFFB Local Policy. The staffing changes will impact both instructional and non-instructional staff.

Every teacher and staff person in the district will undergo a review to determine whether he or she will be extended a contract offer and position. 

Teachers and staff members should receive an initial notification on or about April 18 and information regarding reassignments and non-renewals should occur on or about April 22 as recommendations for 2019-2020 employment contracts are taken to the Board of Trustees.

All current year teacher contracts will be honored through the last day of instruction. Teachers will continue to receive monthly payments through the summer to close out the current year's salary. Non-instructional employees' contracts will conclude at the end of the year on June 30, 2019 at which time those employees will receive their last payment.

Those recommended for non-renewal will have the opportunity to re-apply for other vacancies in the district as they are posted.

Concerns related to chief-level administrative appointments:

This fall, we reviewed staffing data and realized that we may be overstaffed in some areas of our district. During our review, we identified a number of district and campus-based vacancies that could be closed. At the end of the fall semester, we were able to close several positions and realign and create a few new ones to better serve the current needs of our district.

The Board of Trustees approved the hiring of six administrators to the Executive Team. Of the six new hires, one of those positions were newly created (Chief of Research, Evaluation & Design) and two were redefined but already accounted for in the current year's budget (The Chief of Staff and Chief of Schools). In addition, the funding for the remaining positions was already included in this year’s budget.

We can understand how simply adding positions leads one to believe that there’s been an increase to our bottom line. However, we were able to identify a number of central office and campus positions that we have closed, thus creating cost savings for the district. Of the positions closed, it is important to note that none of the position closures negatively affected student learning.

Our number one priority is to ensure that kids are learning. Based on our student learning data, that’s an area of opportunity for us. As an organization, we’ve had to recruit and rebuild to better support and improve the quality of the educational experiences we offer students and families. Our decisions regarding the previously described restructure of our organization is a step towards making that happen.

The realignment of our organization and the new hires joining the leadership team will allow us to improve teaching and learning this semester as well as plan for what the future of DeSoto ISD will look like through strategic planning.