We, as a district, are proposing amendments to the Where I Now Gain Success Program or WINGS program. The proposal includes the establishment of a similar program designed to better serve the needs of WINGS’ students at DeSoto High School. This transition will provide better support and management of the program ensuring that students have access to viable academic curriculum like Career and Technical Education and other supports like Counseling Services. We want to provide a more innovative and collaborative approach to educating our over-aged student demographic which better aligns with the original vision for the program.

The proposal recommends that the WINGS program will be managed by a program director who will report to the DHS administrative team and work alongside the DHS academic curriculum team with the goal of providing support for academic planning, alignment and teacher development. We desire to improve the effectiveness of the WINGS program through additional supports and resources that would be more readily available to the students and staff members of the program.

This proposal was not approved at the April 15, 2019, Special Called Meeting of the Board. Administrators will work with parents, staff and students of the WINGS program to revise the proposal for later consideration by the Board.