Discontinuance of International Baccalaureate

Following the district’s extensive academic audit conducted under the guidance of academic consultant Dr. Dorland Norris, the district will begin to implement a number of recommendations from Norris’ findings. Among those findings is the opportunity to revise our focus and programmatic offerings. The IB program is a widely-respected academic program that focuses on a classical global educational experience. Given the concerns regarding the fidelity of the program, in conjunction with the costs associated with continuing the program, the district feels it can better invest resources allocated for the IB program by focusing on advanced academic programs that are yielding greater returns for our students. We will redirect our attention, focus and resources to better support our dual credit and advanced placement programs. The cost savings from the IB program will allow us to restructure those funds to better support the aforementioned academic programs and create highly-rigorous pathways for high-performing, academically competitive students.