April 15, 2019, Special Called Board Meeting

Since our last update, we have been continuing to lay the groundwork to move DeSoto ISD forward. As a team, we have been identifying areas of concern and working to put systems in place that support our academic and organizational improvement. At the April 8, 2019, board workshop, we delivered a preliminary draft of our 2019-2020 Academic Priorities which we will share on a wider scale in the coming weeks. In addition, we are now in the process of implementing the budget reduction strategy we presented in February. Difficult times require difficult decisions and, while uncomfortable, these actions are necessary for the long-term health of our organization. As you know, we are working to right the wrongs of the past and reposition DeSoto ISD to successfully transition to the future by implementing the budget reduction strategy, reorganizing our structure, and redesigning our academic programs. 

Given our current financial standing, district leaders have developed a budget reduction plan to not only address this year’s budget deficit but to rebuild the fund balance for the subsequent school year.

The budget reduction plan includes…

  • Streamlining the district’s workforce
  • a 15% - 20% reduction to all central office departmental budgets 
  • Closure or restructuring some positions and district programs
  • Taking a campus offline and the eventual repurposing of a campus

These actions yield more than $20 million in district funding that will address this year’s budget deficit and help to rebuild the 2019-2020 fund balance.

As a district, we are planning to transition into the next phase of this plan which focuses on implementation. The implementation phase of the budget reduction plan requires the district to make difficult decisions regarding the structure and design of DeSoto ISD.

Those decisions include several changes to our organization.

At the April 15, 2019, Special Called Meeting of the DeSoto Independent Board of Trustees, several proposals were approved as next steps in the district’s budget reduction strategy aimed at addressing current district debt and rebuilding the district’s fund balance. 

The Board addressed the following proposals:

As we work through this next phase of the budget reduction plan, we will continue to make decisions that are student-centered and which create the best possible outcomes for the future of our school community.

We invite those interested to attend a school community town hall scheduled to take place at 7 pm on April 25, 2019, located at the Belt Line Conference Center.