ACT Initiative

DeSoto ISD seeks to ACT on the issues impacting our organization. Here’s what that will look like in DeSoto ISD:



As a district, we will develop goals and measures for everything we do. While we are still evaluating and assessing our systems in many areas from attendance to student and teacher assessment to financial management and oversight, we intend to develop clear and established measures of accountability in as many areas as possible. We intend to retrain and re-educate staff so that, as an organization, we have clarity and understanding regarding compliance guidelines and expectations for our staff.



We will communicate regularly and often about the state of the district through multiple avenues including monthly and leadership trustee columns in the official district and city newspaper Focus Daily News. We will publish meetings and updates through as many channels as possible including email and social media and develop a regular update from the superintendent regarding major news and updates for our parents and community. In addition, we are developing advisory teams comprised of parents, community members, teachers and students to provide feedback to the superintendent for the purpose of contributing to a revised strategic plan. Lastly, we encourage our parents and community to engage with the district through the VOLY system to increase active participation in volunteerism in DeSoto ISD schools.



Our first priority is to improve our financial reporting to ensure transparent and timely communication. Leadership will make regular reports to the Board regarding district academic, business and finance updates. We want to ensure that we are creating new systems, processes and internal controls that improve our transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness as an organization.

Regarding our district progress, we will assess a dashboard system for reporting metrics . We also encourage our parents and community to get involved and understand district and individual campus improvement plans as we continue our focus on better serving students and families.