2020 Strategic Plan- Accelerating Expectations

Strategic Plan 2020

DeSoto ISD Mission Statement - what we do

The mission of DeSoto ISD is to prepare each student academically and socially to be a problem solver and productive citizen for a 21st-century global society.

Call to Action - how we will get there

DeSoto ISD is committed to empowering all students with knowledge and skills to become competitive analytical thinkers who work collaboratively and individually in the pursuit of future endeavors.

OBJECTIVES - Learner Profile

A DeSoto ISD Learner:
• communicates as an effective leader; in a group setting; across cultural boundaries; to solve problems, make decisions and resolve interpersonal conflicts;
• adapts to change; demonstrates resiliency; exercises self-discipline; practices ethical behaviors; and demonstrates socio-economic sensitivity;
• demonstrates personal accountability; perseveres and completes tasks; collaborates effectively; and demonstrates problem-solving skills.
• uses technology to research and resolve complex issues; is multi-lingual/culturally aware; utilizes connections from experiences to enhance learning.

BELIEFS - Core Values: Individual Learning, Quality Teachers, Equal Access and Relationships

We believe ...
• education is designed to meet the individual needs of each student.
• classrooms must be structured enough to be consistent, warm enough to encourage risks, and challenging enough to develop knowledge.
• building communication skills is vital to healthy relationships with students and parents.
• equal access to consistently updated resources is a vital necessity for student achievement and teacher effectiveness.
• all students will have equitable access to quality programs.
• understanding learning styles give every student a purpose and opportunity to be successful in school.
• an engaging classroom atmosphere is key to a successful learning environment.
• a caring, motivating teacher who teaches to the whole child is key to student performance, future success, and lifelong learning.
• parental involvement, encouragement, and support are vital to student success.
• all students deserve a quality education regardless of circumstance.



GOAL: Expand pathways and maintain methods of communication throughout DeSoto ISD for parents/guardians, students, and community.
1.1 Enhance current digital and social media
1.2 Increase pathways to fully engage all stakeholders
1.3 Improve communication and access with community resources


GOAL: Develop a system for implementation and assessment of new and current programs and initiatives to ensure alignment to district Call to Action and beliefs.
2.1 Create a coherent framework to assist campuses in implementing programs
2.2 Develop an assessment system to evaluate and improve programs
2.3 Implement an accountability plan for programs


GOAL: Capitalize on community resources to improve ISD partnerships, provide student opportunities.
3.1 Write protocols to define expectations and requirements for partnering with district
3.2 Develop relationships through partnerships between communities and DeSoto ISD
3.3 Expand sponsorships and outreach to strengthen our relationships with the community


GOAL: Design assessments to align with curriculum to focus on student learning.
4.1 Engage students to collaborate in developing assessments
4.2 Create an authentic, product-based assessment system that demonstrates student learning
4.3 Establish a district database of non-traditional assessments
4.4 Implement a collaborative cross-curricular assessment model


GOAL: Allow and encourage flexibility within the learning environment.
5.1 Integrate flexible scheduling to maximize student learning opportunities
5.2 Prioritize the purchase of furnishings that are conducive to flexible learning spaces
5.3 Create professional development focused on flexible teaching strategies
5.4 Implement group and student-led projects

GOAL: Design curriculum that promotes analytical thinking & problem-solving.
6.1 Create courses that develop analytical and problem-solving skills and are aligned to
the College and Career Readiness Standard
6.2 Establish a teacher mentor program that utilizes peer teachers, industry professionals
6.3 Implement feedback tools for each course


GOAL: Develop ways to reach our parents/guardians and engage them in their child’s education process.
7.1 Implement a collaborative parent communication model
7.2 Expand and improve parent engagement activities to encourage participation for students’ educational pursuits
7.3 Expand and improve opportunities for parent and teacher dialogue

While all 24 specific results listed under the six areas of focus to the left are important, and work will begin in almost every specific result, the team selected the five results below to be accomplished in year one. The action steps listed were developed by the Strategic Planning Team and fleshed out by administration for completion by June 2017.

1.1 Enhance current digital and social media

Action Steps 1.1.1 - develop a set of universal guidelines for social and digital media
1.1.2 - establish procedures to ensure that websites are updated and current
1.1.3 - launch an internal site for teachers to share ideas/resources
1.1.4 - create a DeSoto ISD app that links to district resources
1.1.5 - establish a centralized digital site for parents to access student learning resources; bilingual formats

2.1 Create a coherent framework to assist campuses in implementing programs

Action Steps 2.1.1 - create a system that ensures that program goals and objectives meet the District Call to Action and Beliefs
2.1.2 - establish clear project management procedures to include implementation timelines and professional development plans
2.1.3 - create a mechanism to coordinate funding for designated programs through a structured collaboration of state and federal programs and curriculum and instruction

5.1 Integrate flexible scheduling to maximize student learning opportunities

Action Steps 5.1.1 - administer student needs assessment
5.1.2 - gather feedback from all stakeholders via surveys, social media, focus groups
5.1.3 - analyze and formulate options, choices, schedules, courses of study
5.1.4 - create a pilot group to utilize different schedule options

5.3 Create professional development focused on flexible teaching strategies

Action Steps 5.3.1 - flexible strategy training will be added to PD at all sessions
5.3.2 - designate key personnel at each campus to lead flexible strategies initiatives and provide support to staff
5.3.3 - provide campus-specific trainings related to flexible teaching strategies
5.3.4 - develop professional learning communities for grade levels and subjects to plan strategies and provide professional development opportunities specific to their needs based on flexible strategies
5.3.5 - develop scheduling that will allow for increased planning and professional development

7.3 Expand and improve opportunities for parent and teacher dialogue

Action Steps 7.3.1 - secure shared parent resource centers at apartment complexes/multi-family units
7.3.2 - provide shared library access between the City of DeSoto and DeSoto ISD for meetings and technology access
7.3.3 - adopt a DeSoto ISD universal parent communication app/program and training for tool that is user-friendly
7.3.4 - provide parent leadership training at school sites which would include: Parent Portal access, effective parent-teacher conferences, and parents rights and responsibilities
7.3.5 - train parent engagement staff and parent/community leaders on use of Parent Portal to be used as an effective communication tool for student performance

This plan was developed in the 2015-16 school year with the guidance of Engage2Learn.