Superintendent's Spring Message

As we prepare to leave for the extended weekend in observation of Good Friday and the Easter holiday, I hope you will take an opportunity to enjoy the warmer spring weather. 

Spring is a time of growth, renewal and change. And, I have been deeply reflective of the changes taking place in DeSoto ISD. While the implementation of these changes seems to be occurring rapidly, I want the community to know that my team and I have spent long nights and countless hours working to solve the issues that we have inherited over the last several months.

Please know that we have assessed several possible options, weighing both risks and rewards related to ours plans and decisions aimed to move us out of this current mess. And we understand that at the center of all of this are people—our students and staff.

It is never flattering to see ourselves in this light, with all of the district’s past missteps and deficits out front for the world to see. But what the world will also see is that we are an organization characterized by perseverance and resilience.

In a time when many are questioning where we will go from here, I am hopeful about our future. 

Hope resets our belief system and allows us to renew our faith. With this renewed faith, hope can introduce us to a path of new beginnings and the belief in finding solutions we may never have thought existed. 

Hope builds our self-confidence and inspires us to believe that we are capable of achieving great things by enabling us to aim higher and work smarter. Hope recalibrates our mindsets and makes us believe there is a way out of our deepest fears. 

Hope broadens our sight and gives us the vision to see around, beneath and beyond obstacles. Hope allows us to translate complexity into clarity. Hope invigorates our passionate pursuits of endless possibilities.  Hope gives us purpose and strengthens our will and ambitions. Hope propels us during difficult times and brings people together.

Right now, DeSoto ISD has the opportunity to become great, but it requires us to stand strong in the face of adversity. We must come together and not allow the hurt and disappointment we’ve experienced cause us to blame and create division when we should be unified.

Our ability to work collaboratively, and with our best intentions, will make the difference for the most important part of who we are as a school system—our children.

So, in this season, I encourage you to feel all the things you may feel about our current state and to process those emotions in a way that is healthy and productive so that we can make room for hope—hope for our children, our community, and our future.


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