Reduction in Force FAQ

DeSoto ISD has received a number of questions and concerns related to recent staffing changes.

The district’s current financial state will require difficult decisions that will impact how we educate students and serve families. Part of that effort will include streamlining the district’s workforce at both the central staff and campus level.

The impact will be based on areas decided by the Board of Trustees as presented by district leadership. The districtwide decrease in staff will require the identification and reassignment of members of the workforce as based on the aforementioned programmatic changes in the district. The reassignments will be based on teacher and staff performance and district need.

District leadership will adhere to policy when re-assigning staff with consideration for teacher and staff member certification, special training, skills and qualifications. In addition, the district will consider evaluations. As based on DFFB Local Policy, the staffing changes will impact both instructional and non-instructional staff.

Every teacher and staff person in the district will undergo a review to determine whether he or she will be extended a contract offer and position.

Teachers and staff members should receive an initial notification on or about April 18 and information regarding reassignments and non-renewals should occur on or about April 22 as recommendations for 2019-2020 employment contracts are taken to the Board of Trustees.

Those recommended for non-renewal will have the opportunity to re-apply for other vacancies in the district as they are posted.

*Comprehensive information is available on the Superintendent’s Page on the District website at:

The following information may support any unclear information related to recent staffing decisions.

In the event that a question or concern is not addressed below, please direct an email to

1. Why does the district have to do a reduction in force? DeSoto ISD is currently facing deep financial concerns. In order to make every effort to reposition the district to function independently, it is imperative that the district implement the cost savings strategy introduced in February to address the impending fund balance deficit and rebuild the fund balance for the future.

2. Since I was notified that I will not be returning next year, when will I get my last paycheck?

Employees will receive all scheduled salary payments through the remainder of the contract year. There is no plan to change the way employees are paid for the remaining months on their 2018-2019 contract. To summarize see below:

  • Employees that start their contract in July will get their last paycheck in June.
  • Employees that start their contract in August will get their last paycheck in July.
  • Employees that start their contract  in September will get their last paycheck in August.
  • Teachers get their first paycheck in September so their last check will be in August.

3. What if I have an interview? Will DeSoto ISD cover my class?

Teachers will be required to submit requests for leave and/or absences to go to interviews. As a district, we will follow normal policy as related to personal leave and absences re: DEC Local.

4. When will my benefits end? Employees impacted by the staffing changes will have access to district-provided benefits through the end the last day of the month in which you receive your last paycheck. Following that period, employees will have access to COBRA-based benefits at a cost to the employee.

5. What if I decide that I want to retire?

Employees have the opportunity to retire at their discretion. Those interested in retiring, can submit their intent to retire to Human Resources and the Texas Retirement System to pursue that option.

6. Can I resign instead of my name going to the board for a vote?

Employees have the opportunity to resign at their discretion. Those interested in resigning, can submit their intent to resign to Human Resources. However, the district requests that employees remain in their current positions through the end of the contract year or, in the event of immediate resignations, until a suitable replacement is found.

7. Can I be rehired by the district?

All employees impacted by staffing changes will have the opportunity to apply for any vacancies that may come available.

8. If there are vacancies, why can I not just be placed in the one opening?

In order to ensure a fair and equitable consideration for all prospective employees in DeSoto ISD, whether new, current or returning, the district requires that all applicants submit the necessary materials for review for any given vacancy. All applicants will be expected to undergo the necessary background check, reference checks and interviews.

9. Am I required to work for the rest of the year? Employees are asked to complete their contracts through the remainder of the contract cycle. Given the situation, we understand if an employee has found another means of employment or chooses to pursue other opportunities, however, we request that employees, provide adequate notice and time for the district to identify a suitable replacement prior to vacating a position.

10. Can I ask my supervisor to provide me with a reference?

An employee is welcome to seek a letter of reference from his or her supervisor. The supervisor will have the opportunity to accept or decline the request for reference.

11. Will the RIF have a negative reflection on my record? Reductions in force do not reflect negatively on an employee. They are the result of a business decision and focus on position control versus performance concerns. The district supports all employees impacted by the aforementioned staffing changes and will support where possible. 12. How will the district support employees displaced as a result of the staffing changes?

DeSoto ISD will host a job fair for employees impacted by the reduction in force on May 3, 2019 at the DeSoto High School Academy Cafeteria. The job fair will bring both education-based and non-education-based employers to the event to support employees in working towards the next phase of their respective employment.

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