March 25, 2019 Board Meeting

March 25, 2019

Parents, Staff and Community:

During the February 25 Board Meeting, we shared a budget update and information regarding potential staffing guidelines for the 2019-2020 school year. Given our current circumstances, we developed a budget reduction plan to address some immediate concerns and create a fiscally healthier organization as we move forward. The components of the plan are designed to yield a leaner, more focused and fiscally-sound organization. During the past few weeks, we have continued to refine the initial plan and look forward to sharing an update in April.

During the March 25 Board Meeting, we will share the results of a recent district climate survey where we sought feedback from staff, students, families and community members. Gaining an understanding of where we are regarding how people are feeling and the experiences they are having is vital to designing what the future will look like.

In addition, during the meeting this evening, we will share an academic update which will include the district’s current Teaching and Learning priorities and an overview of the coaching and support provided to campuses to date. The presentation will feature tools and resources used to monitor data and progress and the district’s coaching framework for campuses.

Next month, we will present information to the Board and community regarding our 2019-2020 plans for DeSoto ISD. The presentation will include an overview of next year’s academic and classroom cultural support and service. In addition, we will share more defined proposed plans regarding adjustments to our programming and staffing.

The work ahead will require all of our time and attention. And, every conversation, every decision, every solution must be developed with our students in mind. Each of us has the opportunity to make DeSoto ISD a premier learning system. Let’s do this work together—all of us.

Dr. D’Andre Weaver

DeSoto ISD Superintendent of Schools