DeSoto ISD ::
Last Names N-R
Staff Member Name Email Address Staff Position Home Campus
Nabors, Dana Teacher-8th Grade Reading McCowan Middle School
Napoli, Jason Teacher/Coach-Social Studies DeSoto High School
Nash, Virginia Teacher-Health Science DeSoto High School
Neal, Donna Attendance Clerk/PEIMS Cockrell Hill 
Neeley, Jeremy Teacher-English Freshman Campus
Nelson, Anessa Teacher-Cosmetology DeSoto High School
Newton, Jenifer Teacher-3rd Grade Cockrell Hill 
Niemeier, Dale Teacher-Language Science Freshman Campus
Noble, Lisa Teacher-Literacy Coach Woodridge 
Norice, Trina ACE Site Supervisor Frank D. Moates 
Norton, Norvella Classroom Staff-Life Skills DeSoto High School
Nunley, Linda Teacher-Kindergarten The Meadows 
Oakley, Matthew Teacher-Physics DeSoto High School
O'Brien, Kimberly Librarian DeSoto High School
Olivarez, Veronica Receptionist AM Ruby Young 
Olsen, Brenda Teacher-Life Skills The Meadows 
Opolka, Judith Principal's Secretary Ruby Young 
Osborne, Michael Teacher-Chemistry DeSoto High School
Owens-McGowan, Arista Principal Cockrell Hill 
Pace, Sonja Teacher-7th and 8th Grade Science West Middle School
Palmer, Maria Teacher/Coach-PE Frank D. Moates 
Pankratz, Aaron Teacher-3rd Grade Northside 
Patterson, Jerry Senior Media Engineer Administration
Perez, Crystal Classroom Staff-Life Skills West Middle School
Persion, Elizabeth Teacher-2nd Grade Woodridge
Perkins, Doris Receptionist DeSoto High School
Perry, Kimberly Teacher-5th Grade Cockrell Hill 
Pervis, Ruth Director of Special Education Administration
Peterman, Todd Teacher/Coach-Algebra DeSoto High School
Philips, Sarah Teacher-Economics/US History DeSoto High School
Phillips, Frederick Teacher-Resource English DeSoto High School
Pierce, Terri Classroom Staff-Life Skills Cockrell Hill 
Pinchback, Steven Teacher/Coach-PE McCowan Middle School
Pittman, Wesley Principal Frank D. Moates 
Polk, Carmel Teacher-5th Grade Woodridge 
Polk, Evelyn Classroom Staff-Life Skills DeSoto High School
Polk, Gabrielle Asst Supt-Elem Lrng & Acc Administration
Pollock, Natalie Teacher-5th Grade Amber Terrace
Porter, Billie Clerical/Receptionist East Middle School
Porter-McCullough, Briggette Teacher-Kindergarten Amber Terrace 
Pottinger, Camelia Teacher-Art Frank D. Moates 
Potts-Walker, Kim Michelle ACE Site Supervisor Amber Terrace 
Pratt, Karen Teacher-Kindergarten Ruby Young 
Preston, Jerod Teacher DAEP
Price, Bessie Teacher-3rd Grade Math/Science Northside 
Price, Emory Assistant Principal East Middle School
Primus, Kristi Assistant Principal DeSoto High School
Prueitt, Edward Teacher-JROTC East Middle School
Pugh, Melinda Teacher-BCIS DeSoto High School
Pullin, Marian Librarian The Meadows 
Ramos, Lorraine Classroom Staff Frank D. Moates 
Rand, Myra Secretary Dir of Parent Engagement Administration
Randall, Wanda Principal West Middle School
Randle, Lisa Teacher-Life Skills DeSoto High School
Randow, Gwendolyn Plant Services Dispatcher Administration
Rasmussen, Brent Teacher-2nd Grade Frank D. Moates 
Ratliff, Brea K-12 Math Supervisor Administration
Rawlins, Marquita Teacher-5th Grade Math/Science The Meadows 
Reed, Monet Director of Student Services Administration
Reed, Patricia Teacher-PPCD Amber Terrace 
Reed, Rhea Teacher/Coach-Health DeSoto High School
Reel, Mary Teacher-Art Ruby Young 
Reeve-Martin, Claudia Teacher-Language Science The Meadows 
Reid, Elaine ACE Site Supervisor Cockrell Hill 
Rhodes, Janice Classroom Staff-Life Skills Cockrell Hill 
Riley, Yolanda Teacher-3rd Grade Amber Terrace 
Risby, Meosha Teacher-10th and 11th Resource Math DeSoto High School
Ritchwood, Yolanda Classroom Staff-Content Mastery Northside 
Roberts-Norwood, Le'Rae Teacher-1st Grade Amber Terrace 
Robinson, Branton Teacher-Business/BIMM DeSoto High School
Robinson, Deborah Teacher-Eagle Ruby Young 
Robinson, Wendy Teacher/Coach-PE West Middle School
Rockwell, Andre Teacher-BCIS/Business DeSoto High School
Roland, Jennifer Teacher-3rd Grade Amber Terrace 
Roseboro, Latoya School Nurse Amber Terrace 
Ross, Brian Teacher-Band DeSoto High School
Ross, Rayford Teacher/Coach-Social Studies DeSoto High School
Rowlands, Karen Payroll Specialist Administration
Runnels, Sandra Workroom DeSoto High School
Russell, Annie Classroom Staff-Life Skills Woodridge 
Russell, Patricia Educational Diagnostician Administration

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